Our Modules
Our modules are produced through the well-proven glass-foil technology. The back-mounted composite film and the complete edge sealing vouch for the high quality of the laminate structure.
Our Inverters
Our inverters have a top degree of efficiency and maximum guarantees.
Mounting systems
GermanPV mounting systems are designed for the professional tradesmen and have a wide range of applications. Stability, easy handling and design are only some of their unique properties.
GermanPV is firmly established in the production process of its suppliers. The corporation’s internal research and development department maintains a continuous dialogue with the manufacturers of GermanPV products.
The sales team of GermanPV works to provide customized solutions to the rapidly developing photovoltaic market. New and innovative photovoltaic systems are created on the basis of a demand-oriented market analysis.
Very high are ourr standards regarding the functionality, durability and reliability of photovoltaic systems.
Research and development
Together with renowed universities, our engineers continuously conduct researches on decentralized storage components for various applications.
GermanPV - Your partner for the future
Independence and individuality are common concepts in today’s world and being able to produce your own electricity has started to be considered as a privilege.
International Contacts
Here you can find contact people outside of Germany.
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GermanPV News
Three questions to…Wouter Klunder, Managing Director at Nedap Energy Systems
GermanPV had the opportunity to interview Mr. Klunder in order to find more about his perceptions of the EU storage market, the new PowerRouter Plus solution and the company’s expectations concerning Intersolar Munich.




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